Spearfishing Dive Sites

Credit Rachel Vercoe

Blue Water Explorer Ltd is proud to boast a large array of diverse dive sites available within a day trip from Nukualofa. These include offshore volcanic islands, sea mounts, offshore remote reefs, shipwrecks, FADS and even an extensive cave system at Eua Island. Typically, Mother Nature and divers preferences dictate which dive sites are visited but over the course of your weeklong trip divers generally get to see a great cross section of diving and dive sites. This region really does have something for everyone. With dive sites on every side of the main island including only a few minutes’ drive from the harbour we can guarantee diving in almost any weather conditions.



The offshore volcanic islands are only visited on the calmest of days and offer virtually untouched spearfishing. Here you can expect the unexpected! Monster job fish, schools of wahoo, gigantic dogtooth tuna schools and quality reef fish that are not found at the closer inshore reefs. The whales are always more friendly and plentiful out there and the visibility often exceeds 30+ meters.



Another amazing dive site is the offshore Sea Mounts. Fortunately, there is a series of Sea Mounts around Tonga tapu and when the weather allows these premier open water dives sites are visited. They are not for your entry level diver or faint hearted free diver as they emerge out of hundreds and even thousands of meters of water to within 30 meters of the surface. This area has also a healthy population of grey reef sharks and divers can expect to see sharks on every drift.




diver sharks

Here you will also find schooling wahoo, mahi mahi, marlin, yellow fin and dogtooth tuna, extra friendly job fish, monster schools of rainbow runner and barracuda and even the reef fish grown to XXX Large sizes! Initial trips here have seen some of the most exciting and productive blue water spearfishing that 

 Robert Torelli has ever seen! The Blue Water Explorer team have only scratched the surface at this very exciting destination and more exploring is required in the coming seasons.


The more remote offshore reefs also provide exciting blue water spearfishing. Here wahoo, marlin, sailfish and yellow fin and dogtooth tuna are the norm along with crystal clear waters. For the deeper free diver reef spearfishing can be enjoyed or simply drift with the flashers and chum and wait your turn for the wahoo and pelagic species to turn up.

Inshore we have a host of all-weather dive sites along the diverse reef system. These shallower dive sites offer reasonable reef fishing and tasty species such as coral trout, mangrove jacks, trevally and an assortment of snappers and parrot fish are part of a typical days catch. These sites still often surprise with 

quality dogtooth tuna occasionally making an appearance. 



It is around this inshore area that numerous shipwrecks are prevalent. Wrecks vary in size and depth and as long as you can dive 10 meters you’re a chance of landing a catch. However, if you like a challenge some of the wrecks lie in 30 meters of water and are very exciting and challenging for your more advanced free diver. These wrecks provide a host of both reef species like coral trout, mangrove jacks, various cods and snapper as well as an array of trevally species. 

Another exciting option is to dive one of the secretive offshore FADS. These fish attracting devices offer great opportunities for mahi mahi, wahoo, yellow fin tuna and even marlin.








Another very exciting and popular free dive site (no spearfishing here) are the Eua Cathedral 

 Caves. This site has an extensive network of caves that can be snorkel dived on a calm day. This amazing site is an underwater photographers dream with natural light filtering down to a sandy bottom some 20-30 meters below. The caves have numerous openings and makes for a spectacular break from the spearfishing.


The final dive option is to snorkel with humpback whales from July through to October each year. Blue Water Explorer are licenced to swim with whales and have expert guides and photographers on board to help document these special moments. So if you are out spearfishing and come across whales or simply want a break from hunting try swimming with these gentle giants! Check out whale swim packages for further info on dedicated whale swim packages.