Reef Fish Species

The Kingdom of Tonga has a wide diversity of species to target for spearfisherman. Blue Water Explorer Ltd has an intimate knowledge of locations and species and can help plan your trip to “target” certain species. Some spearfisherman want to target certain species whilst others are happy with the “run of the catch”. Either way, below is a list of the more popular species that can be readily caught in the Kingdom of Tonga.


Red Bass

Coral Trout are reasonably common in the Kingdom of Tonga and the great news is there is NO CIGUATERA in Tonga. That means all those tasty reef species are safe to eat and are all fair game. Blue spot, leopard and coronation trout are relatively common though out the Kingdom and offer great sport. The larger blue spot trout grown to over 20 kilograms and will test your gear!


Mangrove Jacks are also quite common and can be found on the reefs or on one of the many shipwrecks. They grow to plus 10 kg and are a great table fish and hence in demand. Even Red Bass (or snappers as the locals call them) are great eating and relatively common and fair game but they are not tame and easy prey like in some parts of the world. Large specimens to almost 15 kg have been encountered.



GT and Jobfish

Various parrot fish and surgeon fish species are also quite common and in high demand for table fish and are available at most destinations. Large eye sea bream or Mu as the Hawaiians call them are relatively common but do test your skills and breath hold.


Green job fish are common throughout the Kingdom and again offer great sport and a prized table fish. They average 5-6 kg but larger specimens to 12 kg have been landed to date and wary 15 kg specimens have been sighted!


Various other snappers such as long nose emperor, spangled emperor, Robinson’s sea bream, etc. all make for challenging game in the lagoons and sandy areas.

There is also a large array of trevally species that can be found throughout the reef system. These smaller species are great sport on the smaller Euro guns and a well-received as table fish in Tonga.