Robert Torelli

Rob Torelli, Director of Blue Water Explorer with a Tongan Dogtooth Tuna

Spearfishing Tonga offers a unique guided spearfishing charter business in the Kingdom of Tonga. It is owned by renowned spearfishing guru Robert Torelli. Robert Torelli is a former 9 times Australian Open Spearfishing Champion and has held multiple world spearfishing records. He has been running guided spearfishing charters in Australia and the South Pacific for over twenty years and is one of the South Pacific’s most experienced spearfishes! Robert spends part of the year guiding in Tonga and also works as an abalone diver out of Melbourne, Australia. Robert purchased an existing charter boat in Tonga in 2013 and fortunately inherited the crew of that vessel. This crew has since been trained to the high standards required to run a reliable and successful spearfishing charter company.


In 2014 Robert renamed this vessel Blue Water Explorer and together with his crew turned it into a comfortable, reliable, surveyed charter vessel. Blue Water Explorer Ltd is the Tongan based company that runs this charter business.